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This hearing will address China’s recent healthcare reforms, market access for U.S. medical goods and services in China, and the safety of medical products imported from China into the United States. China is growing more affluent and urbanized, and is also facing new healthcare challenges. The Chinese government has launched ambitious reforms to expand coverage and improve care. This hearing will consider whether U.S. drug and medical device makers are able to compete in China’s market. It will also assess the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s ongoing efforts to regulate drugs and drug ingredients imported from China into the United States.
The Commission is soliciting proposals for a research report on "China's Civilian and Military Space Programs," until April 9, 2014, at 5:30pm EST.
This hearing will explore the evolving security dynamics in Asia and the effects of this changing environment on the United States. More specifically, it will address how Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania are responding to China’s rise and consider what implications follow for U.S. alliances and partnerships in the region.
The Commission is soliciting proposals for a research report on “Weaknesses of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA)” until January 30, 2014, at 5:30pm EST.
USCC Open Meeting To Continue October 22nd
The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission will continue its open meeting to prepare the 2013 Annual Report to Congress on Tuesday, October 22nd beginning at 8:30 am in room 231 of the Hall of the States, 444 North Capitol St. NW, Washington D.C.
Prepared for the Commission by James Mulvenon, Leigh Ann Ragland, Joe McReynolds, and Matthew Southerland of Defense Group Inc.